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Cumberland News/'Me' Magazine

Just look at these beauties modelling clothes from House of Fraser, make-up by Benefit & hair by La Moda!

The three models Nikki Little, Gemma Rawlings & Debbie Ingram were modelling for 'Me' Magazine in the Cumberland News. La Moda stylists doing their stuff included Suzi Styth, Cheri Brett & myself.

Blonde beauty Nikki Little was my model & I thoroughly enjoyed doing this hair-up. She looked gorgeous when she came into the salon on the morning of the shoot, no make-up & hair undone but she looks absolutely stunning below, as do all the models. It's not fair is it?!

Hair by Louise Waugh

Hair by Louise Waugh

How To:
It's important to build a good foundation when doing a hair-up & that's exactly what I did with Nikki's hair by setting it with large tongs. Securing each section with grips & spraying lightly with fixing spray.
Next I released all the back section (from ear to ear) brushed out the set curls and secured in a pony tail just above the occipital bone.
After releasing the front section of hair from the set curls & brushing lightly through, I back combed the top section to give slight hight & body. Brush the top section forward to form the big swoop at the front and spray lightly.
Twist the hair at each side to give swirls & swoops in smaller sections, flowing round to the pony tail in the back, secure with pins.
You could leave the pony tail down or section it as I did and twist round in the same fashion as the sides, secure with pins
Fix with a strong hold spray.

Hair by Suzi Styth, Louise Waugh & Cheri Brett

Hair by Louise Waugh

You can find more photos and read the article on the Cumberland News website by clicking HERE!
There's also a video showing you snippets of the models on the day, from getting their hair done to modelling the clothes on location! Just follow this LINK!

Summer Sizzlers

Multi-tonal Tresses
Whatever shade you're currently stepping out with this summer make sure your colour is on trend by adding depth . Us hairstylists can achieve this look by adding varying shades of the same colours, graduating from light to dark. Clever eh?


So here's the rules this summer/autumn for us blondies...
Darker Blondes: You lot should be asking for an array of lovely caramel tones, no more than 2 levels difference between the colours. Huge contrast is a no no if you want to be down with the cool kids this summer!
Light Blondes: Go for a lavender blonde (sounds scary but trust me it's very subtle!) or oatmeal and honey depending on your skin tone. Also beiges and strawberry pinks. Yum yum!


Ok, you know you lot are my fave. Even to the point I've tried to pass myself off as one of you beauties by weaving a few copper tones through this barnet of mine! So here are the rusty rules this season...
Darker Reds: Weaving 3 or 4 different shades of copper will look just swell, keeping the hair looking natural but with plenty of depth.
Strawberry Blonde: My my, aren't you fashionable lately! Well if you're lucky enough to be sporting this trendy tone, you don't need to do much! Maybe just enhance your locks by getting a few slightly different tones weaved through. Or opt for a clear natural gloss which will give your barnet a big shiny boost! Ooo la la!


Brunettes are faaaaaaaar from boring if you stick to the golden rules this summer/autumn...
Medium to light: You lovelies need to keep your tones rich and chocolaty or warm and chestnutty ( I realise that's not a word!), with dark honeys weaved in throughout.
Medium to dark: Right then, darker brunettes need to keep it cool and deep! Think dark cocoa browns with hints of heather and grape. You'll be looking all the more alluring and glam like this little Fox (who is far too attractive for her own good, and did she change her name to that just to be clever? Who knows?... I digress.).

Megan Fox

Dress To Impress...

Your hair that is. Wear what you like further south of your bonce I couldn't care less, I'm no Gok Wan (although sometimes we do look the same when I'm wearing similar spex).
But the way you dress your hair...I DO CARE!!
Still going strong is the dishevelled fat plait or the herringbone plait or the fishtail plait??!! Choose one you like and stick with it! I quite like 'Fat Plait', its got a ring to it!

Have a look at my earlier post: 'Go Mad For March Hair'
Which teaches you how to do a 'fat plait' in all its glory! Once you've braided you're hair massage the braid outwards, even pulling strands out to make it look dishevelled and there for super trendy!

Total Texture

This is so simple to do yourself at home, to create the 'unkempt, lived in look', do the following:
Plait the hair in large sections while it's still damp, then blast dry and undo. To give the hair that distressed look, use a matt paste on the mid length and ends. Simples!

Go Mad For March Hair!

(See what I did there?!)

Well I'm not just talking March trends, the following updo's will be making you grin like a Cheshire Cat (cough) from Spring into Summer this year!


Ladies, forget about buying new jewellery, accessorise with bits 'n' bobs in your barnet! Hot trends at the moment go from the ridiculous: Bunny ears & MASSIVE bows! To the more subtle: Butterflies, buttons & hair combs. We can thank Marc Jacobs
in a Louis Vutton Runway show for spurring on the Bunny Ear Boom!

Hot For Herringbone Hair

Messy plaits are a must have this spring/summer. Herringbone braids especially are turning up left right and centre on the runways & in magazines.

Hair By Alexander Wang

Need help achieving this look? Here's a little lovely that will show you how!

Nice Buns!

This is a great look that doesn't take all day to achieve, just backcomb your hair and secure it high on top of your head with a band. Then roughly secure the remaining hair round and underneath by the base of the band with curby grips.

This is how I achieved the following look for this months Carlisle Living magazine.

Hair by Louise Waugh
Modelled by Suzi Styth

For The Fellas

Be Versatile This Valentines
Get ya glimmers around this edgy cut. I love how versatile it can be, giving two completely different looks, quiffed or slicked!



If you fancy something a bit more unique have a goosey ganders at this...

Yes he's poncing about in shades & boxing gloves, but by jove what a hair cut!
Gents cuts from £12

Je t'aime - FĂ©vrier!

St Valentine's Day is looming, so to get us in the mood here are some photos I've fallen in love with.
Lady Gaga

She can do no wrong in my opinion! Pushing the boundaries of fashion & hair trends, this one being one of my favorite so far! The peachy tones running from the root blending through to the platinum ends. Yum yum yum!
This colour fusion looks great teamed with curly or short textured hair.

Be My Valentine

Just look at this trendy bunch! These 1960's Mod influenced hairstyles have been brought right into the 21st century.
I especially heart these rascals above, looking smug 'cos they've got nice barnets or summet?! The short textured crop with the heavy fringe is really striking, especially as a ladies haircut.

Ladies cut £27.50

Ooo La La

Here we have a couple of beauties with luscious locks!

Katharine McPhee

I love Katharine's loose curl in her above the shoulder hairstyle. Her hair & make-up has that timeless feel and would look the part in any era!

I think the following updo ties in beautifully with our Valentine theme...

The romantic updo reminds me of roses & looks bloomin' lovely on this bonny bird!!

Hair Ups from £18.50

HER: Keepsake Colours New Year Trends

2010 brings with it colour that is all about making a statement. From the wild to the wonderful, 2010 is defo not going to be boring!

Romantic Red Heads

Hooray for the gingey's!! At last, the world is finally showing the red heads the appreciation they deserve. I myself have been a massive fan of the gingers since around the age of three, where my little peepers caught sight of the 80's sensation Rick Astley! I wore my little Astley badge with pride! "Never gonna give, never gonna give...!"

Aaaaanyway, last year GHD made copper look cool in their Rapunzel ad and this colour is still RED HOT in 2010!

Rapunzel GHD

Coco Rocha

Wild Streak

Bold colours are making a comeback this year and I can't wait! Brunettes with slices of reds or blues. Blondes with the more softer tones of lavender and baby pinks.

You don't have to go all out to make this look work, why not try small subtle sections of colour that will blend in beautifully but wont take over your style.

Lady Gaga

HER: Creative Cuts New Year Trends

I'm loving the 2010 trends for us ladies. This year we'll be seeing a lot of textured cuts with bold, chunky fringes and messed up layers. YESSSSSS!! These cuts are are my fave to do, choppy & sexy! Not only will you look smokin' hot, it's easy to create this look yourself in the mornings!

Fancy A Shag?
'The Shag' is set to dominate this year. The versatile cut is great for ladies with long or short hair. Either keep the look classic with soft layers or bring it into the 21st century with a blunt fringe or textured layers.

(Long textured shag)

(Long soft shag!)

The shorter shag definitely makes up in sex appeal what it lacks in length! Again, choppy layers gives this look a bit of attitude and a full fringe (be it to the side or forward) makes it super sexy!

This trend is also great for those of us that rocked the asymmetric styles of 2009 but want to move away from that in 2010. Its a pain in the derriere growing it out, right? Well the shorter shag is great for us! The layers and texture can soften that 'in between' style that we all hate and turn it into something to love. It works with the natural fall of our hair and looks great curly or waved. YAY, THE SHAG!

Brittany Daniel

The Bob 2010

The bob isn't ready to leave our bonces just yet! It's reinvented itself yet again so that we don't lose any love for this persistent little style!
......And it's worked! I love the punkyness (is that a word?!) of the choppy layers and the bold statement a blunt fringe can make. Bob, you are ace!

(Ladies cut & blow dry £27.50)

HIS: Creative Cuts New Year Trend

There seems to be two key looks that are destined to dominate 2010. They are 'The Grunge' and 'The Slick Back'. Lets have a closer look....

The Grunge

Gucci Menswear

George Lamb

This hair trend is all about texture. Which means no matter what your hair type be it straight, wavy or curly it'll look great as a barnet! You don't need to have longer hair to pull off this style either, shorter back and sides with a textured top looks amazing too!

Brad Pitt

The Slick Back

Ok so this trend might be a bit scary to some people, the fear of looking like Barbie's 'love piece' Ken might be a little too much to handle! But I'm really starting to like this style!

Hey, if the Cloonster loves it, who are we to argue?!!

George Clooney

(Gents cut & styling from £12)

HER: Keepsake Colours Summer 2009

A big trend for Spring/Summer 2009 is block colours. The key is to keep it simple, enhancing what you have gives your hair a healthy glow. You might think having a block colour will be boring but carefully placed tones within your hair can make it look stunning.
Hazel Shades

Careful Tones

Julia Roberts

HIS: Keepsake Colours Summer 2009

If you're feeling brave and want a change of colour, then this years colour trend may be for you! The 'Obvious Blonde' works well on shorter styles (see HIS: Creative Cuts Summer 2009) that are polished and defined.

Obvious Blonde

Dsquared2's Men's 2008/2009

If this isn't for you then don't worry, whatever your hair colour be it natural or enhanced just make sure it looks healthy and shiny. 2009 is all about polished looks so why not treat your locks to a moisturising treatment (short hair, £5) at La Moda.

HER: Creative Cuts Summer 2009

As always there is such a wide range of fasionable cuts for us ladies, but I would say there are two main styles that seem to be popular both in the celebrity world and spring/summer catwalk collections. Lets have a sneaky peeky....

Pixie Crop

Victoria Beckham

Mermaid Wave

Proenza Schouler & Tuleh Catwalks

HIS: Creative Cuts Summer 2009

Summer 2009 for the fashion conscious man is a an old school look with a modern twist, using the old classic 'short, back & sides' and reviving it with long textured locks on the top. The big fringe is the fundamental part of this cut as it can be styled in a number of different ways...

Swooping Fringe

Bottega Veneta Men's Spring-Summer 2009 catwalk

Preppy Parting

Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2009

Fohawk Quiff

Sported at The Glamour Awards 2009