HIS: Creative Cuts New Year Trend

There seems to be two key looks that are destined to dominate 2010. They are 'The Grunge' and 'The Slick Back'. Lets have a closer look....

The Grunge

Gucci Menswear

George Lamb

This hair trend is all about texture. Which means no matter what your hair type be it straight, wavy or curly it'll look great as a barnet! You don't need to have longer hair to pull off this style either, shorter back and sides with a textured top looks amazing too!

Brad Pitt

The Slick Back

Ok so this trend might be a bit scary to some people, the fear of looking like Barbie's 'love piece' Ken might be a little too much to handle! But I'm really starting to like this style!

Hey, if the Cloonster loves it, who are we to argue?!!

George Clooney

(Gents cut & styling from £12)