HER: Creative Cuts New Year Trends

I'm loving the 2010 trends for us ladies. This year we'll be seeing a lot of textured cuts with bold, chunky fringes and messed up layers. YESSSSSS!! These cuts are are my fave to do, choppy & sexy! Not only will you look smokin' hot, it's easy to create this look yourself in the mornings!

Fancy A Shag?
'The Shag' is set to dominate this year. The versatile cut is great for ladies with long or short hair. Either keep the look classic with soft layers or bring it into the 21st century with a blunt fringe or textured layers.

(Long textured shag)

(Long soft shag!)

The shorter shag definitely makes up in sex appeal what it lacks in length! Again, choppy layers gives this look a bit of attitude and a full fringe (be it to the side or forward) makes it super sexy!

This trend is also great for those of us that rocked the asymmetric styles of 2009 but want to move away from that in 2010. Its a pain in the derriere growing it out, right? Well the shorter shag is great for us! The layers and texture can soften that 'in between' style that we all hate and turn it into something to love. It works with the natural fall of our hair and looks great curly or waved. YAY, THE SHAG!

Brittany Daniel

The Bob 2010

The bob isn't ready to leave our bonces just yet! It's reinvented itself yet again so that we don't lose any love for this persistent little style!
......And it's worked! I love the punkyness (is that a word?!) of the choppy layers and the bold statement a blunt fringe can make. Bob, you are ace!

(Ladies cut & blow dry £27.50)