HER: Keepsake Colours New Year Trends

2010 brings with it colour that is all about making a statement. From the wild to the wonderful, 2010 is defo not going to be boring!

Romantic Red Heads

Hooray for the gingey's!! At last, the world is finally showing the red heads the appreciation they deserve. I myself have been a massive fan of the gingers since around the age of three, where my little peepers caught sight of the 80's sensation Rick Astley! I wore my little Astley badge with pride! "Never gonna give, never gonna give...!"

Aaaaanyway, last year GHD made copper look cool in their Rapunzel ad and this colour is still RED HOT in 2010!

Rapunzel GHD

Coco Rocha

Wild Streak

Bold colours are making a comeback this year and I can't wait! Brunettes with slices of reds or blues. Blondes with the more softer tones of lavender and baby pinks.

You don't have to go all out to make this look work, why not try small subtle sections of colour that will blend in beautifully but wont take over your style.

Lady Gaga