Cumberland News/'Me' Magazine

Just look at these beauties modelling clothes from House of Fraser, make-up by Benefit & hair by La Moda!

The three models Nikki Little, Gemma Rawlings & Debbie Ingram were modelling for 'Me' Magazine in the Cumberland News. La Moda stylists doing their stuff included Suzi Styth, Cheri Brett & myself.

Blonde beauty Nikki Little was my model & I thoroughly enjoyed doing this hair-up. She looked gorgeous when she came into the salon on the morning of the shoot, no make-up & hair undone but she looks absolutely stunning below, as do all the models. It's not fair is it?!

Hair by Louise Waugh

Hair by Louise Waugh

How To:
It's important to build a good foundation when doing a hair-up & that's exactly what I did with Nikki's hair by setting it with large tongs. Securing each section with grips & spraying lightly with fixing spray.
Next I released all the back section (from ear to ear) brushed out the set curls and secured in a pony tail just above the occipital bone.
After releasing the front section of hair from the set curls & brushing lightly through, I back combed the top section to give slight hight & body. Brush the top section forward to form the big swoop at the front and spray lightly.
Twist the hair at each side to give swirls & swoops in smaller sections, flowing round to the pony tail in the back, secure with pins.
You could leave the pony tail down or section it as I did and twist round in the same fashion as the sides, secure with pins
Fix with a strong hold spray.

Hair by Suzi Styth, Louise Waugh & Cheri Brett

Hair by Louise Waugh

You can find more photos and read the article on the Cumberland News website by clicking HERE!
There's also a video showing you snippets of the models on the day, from getting their hair done to modelling the clothes on location! Just follow this LINK!